Hillingdon Special Educational Needs Disability Information, Advice and Support Service
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Confidentiality Policy

The aim of the policy

To provide secure, respectful procedures in all areas of our service for parents, carers and young people and private and confidential information when they use our service. 

Our objectives

What we do to further this aim

Parents and young people may self refer to our service. Professionals may refer parents or any young people (YP) but need to ask parents or YP permission.

• All our staff and volunteer IS will have training about the practical arrangements of this policy in line with Hillingdon confidentiality training.

• In exceptional circumstances we may have to breach confidentiality, if we are concerned that there is a risk of harm to any individual. We will use Hillingdon confidentiality procedures.

• We have dedicated phone lines and answering phones which cannot be overheard.

• We have secure email system and database.

• Database information is the property of Hillingdon SENDIASS.  All information about parents, carers, young people and children is treated with respect and as confidential.

• We will not tell anyone outside our service that a parent or young person has contacted us unless they ask us to.

• We will make sure that we comply with national and local government legal requirements for confidentiality and data protection. 

Practical arrangements

Parents and YP will be told about this policy when they first contact the service.

• Record of casework will be stored on a secure database, accessible to Hillingdon SENDIASS Officers only. Parents may have access to these records on request.

• Any paper records will be kept in a locked cabinet no longer than necessary and then disposed of securely.
Hillingdon SENDIASS Confidentiality April 2018

• We have to collect statistical data in order to evaluate Hillingdon SENDIASS. We will make sure that no one's personal details are passed on and that the data is anonymous.

Independent Suporters & SENDIASS Officers

Will ensure telephone or face to face conversations with parents/carers or young people cannot be overheard

• Will only discuss case work with Hillingdon SENDIASS Officers and noone outside the service.

• Will not provide parent/carers or YP with their own personal contact details.

• Staff will code and password protected information emailed to the service and then deleted it from their computer. 

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