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Impartiality Policy

The aim of the policy

The aim of this policy is to demonstrate our commitment to impartiality so that parent/carers and young people, schools and the Local Authority may be confident and access our service as a key source of impartial information on Special Educational Needs and Disability law.

Our objectives - What we do to further this aim

Information & Publicity 

  • We will provide impartial information, support and training to explain policy and legislation
  • Our leaflets, website and publicity materials will provide accurate, neutral and impartial information in plain English, and community languages through our website
  • We will endeavour to advertise our service and its nature as widely as possible

Networking & Collaboration 

  • When working with parents, young people or professionals we will inform them of the impartial nature of our service
  • Whether working with parents, young people or professionals we will consider factors that may be affecting their response and we may offer a constructive challenge to inaccurate perceptions

Reflective Practice

  • We are aware that our own personal factors may have an impact on our impartiality and we will use training and supervision to monitor standards and encourage reflective practice 
  • We will support parents and young people to prepare and present their own views but will not advocate on their behalf so as to promote or defend any particular point of view

Working Practice of Challenge

  • We will provide information and support for parents and young people in challenging schools and Hillingdon SEND policy and practice when it is outside current legislation or guidance
  • If a parent, young person or professional is unhappy with any aspect of our service, including our impartiality, they may complain through our complaint procedures

Training & Supervision

  • All staff who work for Hillingdon SENDIASS will follow the guidance in this Impartiality Policy. This will be part of training and will be monitored through supervision
  • All of our staff and members of the Reference Group will be introduced to the Impartiality Policy through induction and training


  • Our office is located in the Civic Centre, Uxbridge but not with the SEND Team. We use working practices to ensure that SENDIASS work is not seen or overheard by other departments
  • We will use drop-in surgery facilities around Hillingdon to provide independent access for parents

Relationship with the Local Authority

  • The Impartiality Policy will be monitored and reviewed annually
  • Our policies are published on our website and will be kept up to date

Last reviewed: 27/01/2020

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